Owned and managed by Dean Ferreira, Justin Miller and Linden Rhoda, NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd is a values driven company that is driven by a common purpose to conserve and create sustainable environments that enable people, planet and business to thrive.


  • Peace of Mind :― We understand our clients risks and liabilities. Therefore we deliver holistic Safety, Health, Environmental, Risk and Quality consulting services that achieve legal compliance, whilst mitigating clients risks, at an affordable rate.
  • Reputable Brand :― We understand the value of brand reputation and thanks to our clients, together we have a built a solid reputation, throughout 13 years of client service delivery throughout southern Africa.
  • Client Focused :― We understand that our clients face unique risks and challenges and support them in successfully achieving their projects by understanding their business, whilst delivering on time, within budget and to quality standards.


We have been operating since 2003 with a vision of disrupting the SHERQ industry, in a positive way. We are focused on providing Safety, Health, Environmental, Risk and Quality related consulting services to the Construction, Mining, Facilities, Conservation Biodiversity and Film, Sports and Events Sectors throughout southern Africa.


We are a trusted partner to major engineering and construction firms, mines, parastatals, film, sports and event production companies, municipalities, provincial and national government and conservation organisations. Drawing on our years of experience on a wide range of projects, we work with our clients to develop, implement and monitor customised services that add real value.


Business Unit Manager: SHERQ
Philip Dukas
Email: philipd@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 74 333 4133

“I am passionate about our natural environmental and about empowering people and organisations to create and realise their own sustainable future. I am also passionate about adventure and outdoor activities.”
Operations Manager: SHERQ
Jonathan Szoke
Email: jonathans@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 83 232 6356

“I believe the development of people and organisations is fundamental to our ability to sustainably manage our natural resources. I strive to be a positive influence on that development. I enjoy problem solving, critical thinking and good food and wine.”  
Service Line Manger: Environmental Management
Crecilda van der Merwe
Email: crecildavdm@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 83 290 3686

“I am passionate about supporting our clients on their journey towards Environmental compliance and being more sustainable.  I believe I am in an exciting position to guide our clients on their road to improved Environmental management and ultimately doing business…
Service Line Manager: Health & Safety
Ryno Louw
Email: rynol@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 83 287 6707

“It is time to positively disrupt the perception of health and safety in the workplace.  I am passionate about empowering people to take better care of their health and safety  as well as the environment in which they work, to build…
Senior Consultant: Environmental Management
Christian Gerhardt
Email: christiang@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 72 261 0301

“I am passionate about the personal development of people and supporting them to make a positive difference to our environment and our society. I firmly believe that for mankind to survive, we need to leave a positive legacy for our…
Senior Consultant: Environmental Management
Nick Gates
Email: nickg@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 73 199 8431

“I enjoy collaborative problem solving together with our Clients and supporting them to achieve and maintain legal compliance in the most practical means. I have an affinity for being outdoors, coupled with spending time with my family and friends and…
Zander van den Berg
Senior Consultant: Health and Safety
Zander van den Berg
Email: zandervdb@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 71 850 8048

“I enjoy being part of the Health, Safety and Environmental Industry guiding and teaching Clients, Companies and Individuals about the benefits of compliance that will ultimately contribute to a better and safer tomorrow.”  
Craig Burne
Senior Consultant: Environmental Management
Craig Burne
Email: craigb@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 78 467 3685

“With the natural environment being my main passion I believe a primary career goal is to encourage actions that we as a society should take on behalf of all living things and the planet we share. I am also passionate…
Divan van Heerden
Senior Consultant: Health and Safety
Divan van Heerden
Email: divanvh@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 71 937 7860

‘’I believe that each person have the basic human right to earn an income at a workplace that he will not need to sacrifice his live or well-being for. Making a difference one inspection at a time.’’
Thesan Pillay 2
Consultant: Environmental Management
Thesan Pillay
Email: thesanp@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 71 614 0369

“I am passionate about the environment & ensuring it’s sustainability for future generations, as well as identifying pragmatic solutions to safeguard environmental degradation & creating awareness at various levels of industry to better understand the influence we have on the biophysical, economic, &…
Consultant: Health and Safety
Steve Nel
Email: steven@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 82 924 0111

“I have developed a profound interest within the industry of health and safety management. My passion and enthusiasm to this field has allows me to express just how significant safety, health and the environment can transform minds and lives .…
Du Toit
Consultant: Environmental Management
Du Toit Malherbe
Email: dutiotm@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 84 688 0763

“My passion for exploring pristine landscapes & our unique wildlife, combined with our responsibility to take ownership have inspired me to manage our environment & ecosystems to the best of its potential. Through NCC I have been fortunate to reduce environmental…
Consultant: Film, Sports and Events
Grant Alexander:
Email: granta@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 79 825 0099

“I’m passionate about urban ecology and specifically the conservation and sustainable use of the natural heritage of southern Africa. Through my work I am given a unique opportunity to express this passion by acting as a mediator between Cape Town’s…
Consultant: Film, Sports and Events
Nwabisa Bokotho
Email: nwabisab@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 72 798 9646

“I enjoy that my role as a Film, Sports and Events ECO has a real and positive impact on the sustainability of our environment and I am inspired by the collective effect the environmental management industry has on biodiversity conservation.”
Consultant: Film, Sports & Events
Shandre Coutriers
Email: shandrec@ncc-group.co.za

Mobile: +27 78 622 9439

“I am inspired by working closely with different cultures and always make it a priority to motivate and encourage my peers to achieve their goals in life. Since I am particularly interested in promoting and conserving the vast variety of…

Our Purpose (mission)

To conserve and create sustainable environments that enable people, planet and business to thrive.